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Hillhead 1st X1 149 for 9 (after 35 overs) 25 points Galloway 1st X1 92 all out in 30.5 overs (0 points) DLS Par score 176

Hillhead owned everything in their total of 149 to the opening pair, Rohit Sharma and James Lindley-Dawe, whose partnership of 95 in 25 overs, Sharma 53 and Dawe 33 respectively, supplied the basis for Hillhead’s eventual win. The left hand, Jim Lindley -Dawe, right hand, Rohit Sharma, provided an interesting contrast in styles : Sharma, all wristy while adjusting to the slowish pace of Scottish wickets, while Dawe, continually working the ball to leg off his front foot with only an occasional dart at an off side drive. A mix then of the classical and the obdurate.

Their demise came as their team began to raise their run rate, following a two hour 20 minute break for rain. With their allocation of overs reduced from 50 to 35, risks had to be taken and the principal beneficiary was Galloway’s off-break bowler, Andrew Masray, who finished his 7 over spell by capturing the first five Hillhead batters for 36 runs. Lucas Farndale and Jared Bartlett, contributed 2 fine cameo performances, with 16 no and 9 respectively. The DLS par score set for 50 overs was 176, an achievable target given the docile wicket and, astonishingly, a fast running outfield.

Hillheads opening bowlers, Gavin Lynch and Cameron Horn, had, however, other ideas and both the visitors openers had departed the crease within 15 balls. But the visitors’ nos 3 and 4, Akill Somarajan and Pat Druce, began to accumulate steadily against the host’s change bowlers, Somarajan with some heavy hitting and Druce unpacking his fine range of orthodox strokes.

But captain Ross Jones’s introduction of Hillhead’s “ spin twins”, the orthodox finger spinner, Lucas Farndale and wrist spinner, Jared Bartlett, changed the whole outcome of the game. From the relative comfort of 64-2, Galloway lost their next 8 wickets for only 28 runs. Astonishingly each bowler was on at the “ wrong end “ ; the Gartnaval end, because of the north to south slope, of the ground generally favouring the off-break bowler , while the Clubhouse end is good for the bowler turning the ball away from the batter.

Lucas Farndale with his 7 miserly overs of off-spin spin took 2 for 10, but the major scalps went to the coltish Bartlett whose analysis of 6-1-16-4 included the 2 big hitters, Somarajan, dismissed lbw for for 28 while Pat Druce was stumped by Lindley-Dawe for 17.

The long day then finished at 19.40 well for Hillhead but unfortunately very badly for their effervescent skipper, Ross Jones, who damaged himself badly going for a spectacular catch in the outfield. All players and committee wish him well for a speedy recovery.

Hillhead entertain next East Kilbride at Hughenden on Saturday 13th with a 12.00 start.